I. B. Spoiled Doggy Daycare Dog Daycare

Conveniently located just off of the 270/ Sawmill Rd. exit!

 Big loft area with ramps that allows more than enough room to play catch me if you can or to just relax on the plush grass or cool, sealed concrete floors to enjoy the view or catch a quick snooze! That is if they don't find one of the two leather couches, Big Joe bean bag chairs, or any of the Kong waterproof dog beds first!

The smaller area also has a smaller multi level loft too with it's own leather couch! Two big windows let in a lot of natural light but most importantly, allow them to make sure the mail man and those killer squirrels know this place is very well protected! On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday the big dogs get the entire daycare. On Tuesday and Friday this smaller area is gated off and the little dogs take over! 

Daycare Hours: Monday - Friday 7am - 6:00pm


Not enough time to walk your dog? No yard for them to run? Bad weather? Need to socialize them in a controlled environment?

ThenI.B Spoiled Doggy Daycareis the perfect place for you!!

I. B. Spoiled Doggy Daycare