I. B. Spoiled Doggy Daycare




Daycare Hours: Monday - Friday 7am - 6:30pm


Hugo, my almost 2 yr old goldendoodle, just can't wait to have a room full of friends to share his new hedgehog with!

Buckeye, my 11 yr old flat coat retriever, and I are still in negotiations on which side gets the leather couch! If any! lol

Conveniently located just off of the 270/ Sawmill Rd. exit!

I. B. Spoiled Doggy Daycare Dog Daycare


Small dog area is also done! They also got a multi platform loft to run and jump on or just lay and look out the two big windows they get!

Big Dog area is done! Big loft area with ramps      allow more than enough room to play catch me if you can or to just relax on the plush grass and enjoy the view of the whole place!