I. B. Spoiled Doggy Daycare's goal is to give your dog top notch care and attention and while also remaining as affordable as possible.  I wanted to create a safe, fun environment that you will feel 100% comfortable leaving your dog in and know that they are going to be loved and attended to almost as much as they are at home. I am going to keep the numbers lower to avoid overcrowding and to allow your dog to have plenty of room to romp around with his or her new doggy friends or to be able to lay off to the side and rest peacefully without being trampled.  Every dog is required to do a Meet and Greet to make sure that they are a good fit with the pack. You will need to bring a copy of your dogs up to date shot records with you to the Meet and Greet. A Meet and Greet will last anywhere from 20-45 minutes usually. Your pup must be at least 6 months of age and also be spayed or neutered. Once your pups Meet and Greet is finished, if all goes well, you can start scheduling your dog as soon as the next available opening.  If you have any other questions about something I have not touched on, feel free to email or call me. Thank you very much for reading and I hope to meet you and your dog very soon!

​                                                                              Tony Grose- Owner